The answers to your questions
Can I buy one of these images?
In our Galleries, most images have been drawn for previous customers and the sole rights belong to those customers. But we can draw a similar vehicle and a similar style based on your specifications. Just click on our "Order Yours" tab to learn about ordering your drawing.
Why do some of the vehicles look broken?
Some of our Baby Style Cartoons purposely exaggerate and distort features on the vehicles that we draw. In most cases, these exaggerated features have been requested by our customers.
How can I get my vehicle drawn?
Our artists would love to draw your vehicle for you. To order a drawing, either click on our "Order Yours!" link or visit our Website www.tunercartoons.com
How much does it cost for a custom drawing?
All of our pricing and styles are available on our Website: www.tunercartoons.com You can also click on the "Order Yours!" link above.
How long to custom drawings take?
Our cartoonish Baby Style Cartoon drawings typically take about 8 days and our more realistic Custom Drawing Style drawings take 6-7 days. Adding a custom background or character to a drawing can add an extra day or two.
I'd like a drawing like one in your Gallery. How to I order that?
Click "Order Yours" or visit www.tunercartoons.com Click on the type of vehicle and style of drawing that you would like. In the instructions, refer to the code number below the gallery image to let us know which one you would like it to look like. If there are specific features, e.g. wheels, angle, stance, background that you particularly like, please let us know.
I have questions about having a drawing done. Can I talk to an actual person?
Sure, visit our Website: www.tunercartoons.com and either contact our office via phone or email or leave a message in our live chat. Please specify your timezone and phone number, and one of our team members will call you back. When calling our office, please note that we're on the east coast of the US.

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